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NEO NIJI, a glorious cosmic mess of cats that turn into black holes, bombs that are afraid of dropping, rainbow-eating sharks, magical unicorns, and more of the internet's favourites has finally landed on the App Store. Inspired by classic Tetris gameplay, your mission is to make rainbows out of falling tiles across a pastel-kawaii galaxy of over 60 fully loaded levels.

FEATURE round-up:

‣ Fully loaded with original levels that relentlessly introduce new amusing tiles, magical boosters and rewarding challenges.

‣ Classic Tetris-inspired controls you already know and love.

‣ Pastel perfect graphics by the beloved Shiroi Room.

‣ Playful future-bass vibes by the masterful Maturbo.

‣ Take selfies with your favourite characters.

‣ Forever free. Never ever pay if you don't want to!

Teleport over to the NEO NIJI galaxy!

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